Air leakage can increase heating and cooling costs over 30% and contribute to comfort, health and safety problems. Finding hidden air leakage sites, called bypasses, can be difficult without the use of a blower door. One measure of a home’s leakage rate is ACH or Air Changes per Hour. This measures how  many times in one hour the entire volume of air inside the building leaks to the outside.

To determine ACH50, the blower door creates a pressure difference of 50 Pascals between inside and outside. Fifty Pascals is approximately equivalent to a 20 m.p.h. wind blowing against all surfaces of a building. The leakier the house, the harder the fan must work to maintain the pressure.

Florida Building Code R402.4  states that buildings must be tested & verified for envelope air leakage and can have no more than 5 ACH, when tested at 50 Pa (0.20 in) pressure.

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